Pamela Vitale Art

My drawings, painting, photography, and video artwork play a critical role in my survival. No matter what or where I am in life, it’s constantly morphing and evolving but come from the root of the flow, memories, dreams, and reflections into the past, present, and future. I am a time traveler, a creative mystic, a wandering mistral, a Renaissance woman, and an urban anthropologist.


My work regardless of media tends to focus on ancient passages, nature transformed, and instances in time.


Technique: The simple fact is that I am a mixed media artist. Using medium to express my ideas

is an important element of the conceptualizing process. My work reflects my interpretation of our reality, so my choice of mediums is based on that and how I can impact the person who is viewing it. Oil paints are a favorite medium to use because it exudes energy, sounds, and pick up natural light. It’s just a yummy way to express ideas. Video turned out to be a perfect translation of oil and how I perceive movement. So, to be clear; drawings, dance, music, video, movement, painting, sculpture, all nature, beings, the human factor, and the energetic flow with a bit of angst = my art.

Here is my original art you can purchase online, and yes, there are prints available:

A wonderful video interview with Rachel Wilkins of Conception Arts about my art process:

This is an art opening I had, of my art, at my old Chelsea, NYC loft apartment in the late '90s, I think I was 28? It's quite a fun thing to see! Video by Bruce Bernstein:

Photos of me and my art in nature are done by Krista Annika


To purchase art, book a private viewing, plan a public
showcase, interested in reproductions or a special addition 

or place a commission order, please contact me directly.
phone // 917.676.1568
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