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Originally a trained fine artist and illustrator from NY who fell into the reality that desktop publishing and multimedia was the thing in 1989. I very quickly rose up the ranks of multimedia, advertising, and TV in NYC with all my School of Visual Arts colleagues and the help of my first real job at J.W.T. Multimedia division. What a blast of life it's been!

My love for brand storytelling along with the ability to ideate, problem-solve, creative direct, and my obsession with smart tech/innovation has allowed me to work for 30 years at multiple agencies and start-ups in advertising, entertainment, and high-end media in NYC, The Nederlands, and CT. Having a solid foundation in media and marketing, I have spent time in the trenches developing breakthrough, brand-building concepts, as a Creative Director, ACD, Brand Strategist, Ux Designer, and/or Senior Designer. Keeping a focus on emerging trends and harbors the ability to translate the zeitgeist into fresh concepts and ideas as a creative strategist.


OBJECTIVE: full-time, Long-Term Contract, Consulting Opportunities


SPECIALTIES:  client-facing, Idea generator, conceptual development, creative leadership, creative problem solving, holistic research, integrated marketing, UXUI, prototyping, new business modeling, branded content, branded entertainment, cross-media, and social marketing, brand storytelling, core messaging, executive creative coaching.

Clients Include MassSave, Focus on Energy, PGE, Eversource, HavasLynx, Flikshop Mobile App, MKTGinc / Jose Cuervo,, Prodigy Asset Mang., ICE Buddy Systems, Festival Del Sole, Radical Media, NYFFestival Convergence 2012, L'Oreal/TheBodyShop, MARKITA.NL, Institute for Applied Memetics (Douglas Rushkoff), MyPathBuilder.TV, NextNewNetworks, Renegade Marketing, black rock arts foundation, NBC, Google, Facebook, Yellowpages, Merchant Circle, Hearst, MTV, Microsoft & Localville, Hearst Media / Discovery Channel, BET, Cable Europe / CANAL+, Camel Brands, Rocket E-books, Harrods, JVC, Becks Beer, Lucent Technologies,, Polaroid, Red Rocket, Sega, Visa, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, AIRwalk, Starter, Magic Johnson Shoes, Everlast Menswear, First Down w. Stephon Marbury, Everlast Men's, FirstDown, Magic Johnson Shoes, Banker Trust.

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