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01 how I play

I offer collaborative visual mapping within my process that creates dynamic ideas and results. This brainstorming process allows us both to have a clear map to envision and execute the inspired, creative direction and overall branding strategy you desire.
My work is compelling, eye-catching, and offers purposeful conceptual thinking that is multi-dimensional and easily applied across all media channels.

What is XYEYE_storyFormula and how might it work for you?

XYEYE_storyFormula; the goal is to, be of service to the needs of cross-platform immersive storytelling, branded entertainment, retail experiences, UX, and content strategy

This is a basic idea of how it works!

A visual cognitive context: the mythology and anthropology of our personal and social awareness in interviewing, based on set questions or instant free-form feedback, brainstorming techniques where the moderator pushes and pulls the participate/s in expressing ideas and allowing the flow of and centered on a 6-8 point rating system centering on themselves, and issue or projects or idea for a desired result/s.

Join me in learning more about building journeys around your persona, brand product, or idea. It is a creative brainstorming, campaign strategy, and planning process all rolled up into one. You can envision, and then flow into an experience playfully.

I call it INSPRE Mapping: Insight, Niche, Stimulate, Promise, Responsibility, and Empowerment

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