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What is XYEYE_storyFormula and how might it work for you?

XYEYE_storyFormula; the goal is to be of service to the needs of cross-platform immersive storytelling, branded entertainment, retail experiences, platforms, and their content, and strategy.


I offer collaborative mapping within my process that creates dynamic ideas and results. This brainstorming process allows us both to have a clear map to envision and execute the inspired creative direction and overall branding strategy you desire.


Every project is executed with intelligent customer journey plans and proven marketing solutions formed out of holistic research & vision mapping to guide the brand to success.

This is a basic idea of how it works!

A visual cognitive context: the mythology and anthropology of our personal and social awareness in interviewing, based on set questions or instant free-form feedback brainstorming techniques where the moderator pushes and pulls the participate/s in expressing ideas and allowing the flow of and centered on an 8 point rating system centering on themselves, and issue or projects or idea for a desired result/s.

Join me in learning more about building journeys around your persona, brand or product or idea. A kind of creative brainstorming, campaign strategy, and planning process all rolled up into one. You can envision than flow into an experience
in a playful manner. I call it INSPRE Mapping: Insight, Niche, Stimulate, Promise, Responsibility, and Empowerment

INSPRE Map.png
XYEYE_INSPiRE_Map Defined.png

A testimonial from a client one-on-one session:

Pamela Vitale is an amazingly supportive yet firm guide through the hairy unconscious laid bare on paper and in pen, ink, paint, or crayon. Through her highly individualized and artistic mind mapping process she makes you think about every choice--color, stroke, placement--that you make on the page. It was a very entertaining and illuminating process, and I refer back to the map all the time when I feel stuck about what next.
- Q.C.

Recently did a 3-hour session of strategy mapping with a new client to build out her new business, brand story, and plan. Excellent mind-clearing experience, allowing you to freely express your ideas and needs while building a story, and critical strategic points, and see the broader view of your personal vision. The business plan is easier to create coming directly from your authentic voice.

Feel free to contact me for a private or group session to focus more on your client, product, project, campaign, career, life plans, goals for students, a business, and/or a new or old brand needing some spark. Request case studies or a conversation about what’s possible or best for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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